Senderos Tierras Altas - Oeste

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Type of trail: Circuit
Round-trip Distance: 3.7 km (2.1 miles)
Round-trip time: 1:30 – 2 hours
Elevation Gain: 242 m. (793 ft.)
Max Height: 2,453 m (8,047 ft.)
Attractions: cloud forest , plants and animals , rivers , views , waterfalls
Activities: hiking, bird watching
Use: Low
Level of difficulty: MODERATE
Activities combine some easy sections while others require more physical effort. It Applies to long walks on uneven terrain (slippery ground, rivers ) , or short walks on trail with steep inclination.



From Cerro Punta head towards Las Nubes (about 6km northwest of Cerro Punta) right after the park entrance to your right is the restaurant run by the La Amistad Agro-ecotourist Association (they are open for breakfast and lunch - see contact info below on " local guides"). Keep the main road and you will arrive at the ranger station. The trailhead is very close to the station.

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This trail provides access to several lookouts with stunning views of the cloud forests of park. But have a raincoat or jacket because with names like " The Refrigerator " one can imagine how cold it can do when exposed to the wind.
Unfortunately this path and the viewpoints are in very poor condition.
So much so that the descent to the waterfall is closed due to deterioration of the stairs. We hope that they are repaired in the near future .
The left of the last lookout/rest area the trial veers to the left and will take you down to the Chiriqui Viejo river. There is no bridge, making it difficult to cross, but the river is very nice. Across the river the trail apparently continues across the park into and into Bocas del Toro province. In the future we will have more information on that path.

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The ranger station has facilities (bathroom, sitting and picnic area) so that visitors can sleep at the station with a reservation.


What to Bring:

  1. Enough water
  2. Waterproof hiking boots
  3. Hikers First aid kit
  4. Enough food
  5. Waterproof clothing
  6. Head lamp
  7. Hiking poles

Seasonal Elements
Dry Season (JAN-FEB): (no real dry season, just rains a little less).
Rainy Season (MAR-DEC): muddy, slippery trail.


Management: National Government ( ANAM )

Hours: 8 am - 4 pm

National Students - B. 1.00
National Visitors - B. 3.00
National Seniors – B. 1.50
Foreign Visitors - B. 5.00

Local Guides:
The Amistad Agro-ecotourism Association: This group of community women manage the restaurant, serving breakfast and lunch . They have access to guides for the trails. tels - 771-2620 , 6956-6446 , 771-2612

Contact Information:
National Park offices Tel: (507) 775-2055
National Protected Area (ANAM) Regional Office, David – Tel: (507) 774-6671
Boquete - (507) -720-3057
National Protected Areas Department: (507) 500-0855 / (507) 500-0839

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