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    Descubre los
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    Volcán Barú, Chiriquí

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    Rio Chagres



Improve the welfare of rural communities and turn Panama into a destination known for sustainable adventure ecotourism.


Promote the growth of an outdoor community that appreciates Panama’s natural and cultural heritage by connecting urban and rural needs to the benefits derived from the proper use and care of the trails.


  • Develop mechanisms to encourage appreciation of the natural and cultural diversity of Panama
  • Train and sensitize individuals, public and private institutions on the benefits of outdoor activities related to protected areas.
  • Identify rural community organizations and train their leaders and guides management of trails and tourists.
  • Identify, coordinate and implement training and volunteer opportunities related signaling pathways and their maintenance
  • Promote strategic alliances with public and private sectors to implement projects related to the objectives of the Foundation activities.
Caminando, se aprende en la vida. Caminando, se sabe lo que es. 

Caminando, se cura la herida, caminando, que deja el ayer. 

En Puerto Rico, en Panamá, en Colombia o en New York, 
el que no vive, no prueba el sabor que da el amor. 
Caminando, di mil tropezones, caminando, y nunca paré, 
caminando, entre risa y dolores, caminando, pa'lante y con fe. 

Con el tiempo, comprendí que la vida da pa'to', 
que nada borra el recuerdo de lo que uno caminó. 

Caminando, mirando una estrella. Caminando, oyendo una voz. 
Caminando, siguiendo la huella, caminando, que otro caminó. 
Caminando, buscando a la vida. Caminando, buscando al amor. 
Caminando, curando la herida, caminando, que deja el dolor!

- "Caminando" Ruben Blades

As part of its mission and objectives, Fundacion Caminando Panama commits to working with and funding projects spearheaded by small Panamanian rural tourism/conservation focused community organizations, as well as Panamanian non-profit organizations with similar goals. Projects that involve indigenous and rural communities must provide written evidence of “Prior and Informed Consent” from tribal/community leaders. Requests for funding and partnerships with private sector partners will be considered on a case by case basis and should align with FCP core goals. Additionally, FCP limits funding for overhead in projects from United States-based universities or similar learning/research-based institutions at 18%. FCP commits to refraining from funding or being involved in any type of political activity, including support or opposing of any political party or candidate.  

Caminandopanama.org is a nonprofit website. The contents are based on personal contributions from the authors and /or of partners and general public. No rights can be derived from the information and images that are shown. The data in this website is informational only, may contain errors, or be slightly out of date.Caminando Panama is not responsible in any way for accidents and losses caused by people during walks or hikes. Each walker is responsible for their actions and consequences.
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  1. Shoes: Make sure they have good grip. Wear them in before hiking. They will get wet.
  2. Water: 1 liter = 2.5 hours.
  3. Food: Dried and fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate.
  4. Be well informed: Read about the trail. Know about where you are going.
  5. Don’t go alone: Always say where you will be and when you expect to be back.
  6. Clothes: light, quick dry, no shorts, NO JEANS.
  7. Stay on the trail: everything in the jungle looks green, don’t take short cuts can fool you.
  8. Leave no Trace: leave with what you bring in.
  9. Repellent, sun block and a flashlight. In Panama it gets dark by 6:30.
  10. Guides: if you are not sure about the trial. GET A GUIDE.