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Type of trail: In and Out
Round Trip Distance: 2 Km (4 miles)
Round trip time: 1.5 hours
Elevation gain: 120 m (393 ft.)
Max height: 200 m (656 ft)
Attractions: Forest, view, history, plants and animals
Activities: Walking, birding, running, mountain biking path, walking the dog
Use: High
Rating: EASY
Activity involves some physical effort due to steepness. The road is paved all the way.



Take Avenida de los Martires towards the Bridge of the Americas and at the right is the entrance to the Cerro Ancon, which is right beside Mi Pueblito. Another possibility is to take Quarry Heights Road that takes you right by the Panama Canal Administration building (if you have the time pop in and take a look at it). Follow that road up past the Quarry Heights entrance and take a left at the fork. You will run right into a parking lot where you may park and head right to begin your walk up Cerro Ancon.


Cerro Ancon is a protected area has become an "island" of forest cover within an urban area. Here you can find wildlife such as sloths, armadillos, coatis, and deer.

Along the hill is a paved road that is used by vehicles during the day and only used by visitors walking up the hill on foot to observe the wildlife and the beautiful views of the city, the Bay of Panama and the Zone Canal. During the weekends many cars drive up, especially on Sundays. There is less traffic during the week.

Seasonal Elements:
The road is accessible all year.


Since the 1977 Torrijos- Carter Treaties Panama regained control of the hill from the United States and one of the first acts was to hoist a flag on top of the hill as a symbol of the reaffirmation of the old Zone Canal and Panama.


Benches to sit on top and along the way


What to Bring:

  1. Enough Water
  2. Enough Food
  3. Shoes with good soles or Hiking boots (do not wear flip-flops)
  4. Rain jacket (rainy season)
  5. Repellent (optional)
  6. Hiking Poles (optional)
  7. Head lamp (optional)


Management: City of Panama
Hours: Look for the hole in the fence to your right and will always be able to go up for a walk
Fees: Free


Disclaimer - Caminando Panama is a personal project, a nonprofit website. The contents are based on personal contributions from the authors and /or of partners and general public. No rights can be derived from the information and images that are shown. The data in this website is informational only, may contain errors, or be slightly out of date.Caminando Panama is not responsible in any way for accidents and losses caused by people during walks or hikes. Each walker is responsible for their actions and consequences. 
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  1. Shoes: Make sure they have good grip. Wear them in before hiking. They will get wet.
  2. Water: 1 liter = 2.5 hours.
  3. Food: Dried and fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate.
  4. Be well informed: Read about the trail. Know about where you are going.
  5. Don’t go alone: Always say where you will be and when you expect to be back.
  6. Clothes: light, quick dry, no shorts, NO JEANS.
  7. Stay on the trail: everything in the jungle looks green, don’t take short cuts can fool you.
  8. Leave no Trace: leave with what you bring in.
  9. Repellent, sun block and a flashlight. In Panama it gets dark by 6:30.
  10. Guides: if you are not sure about the trial. GET A GUIDE.